This mobile Java teaching and learning game has the intention to support students in understanding programming. This project is seen as an extension to existing teaching methods such as lectures and lab sessions. If you want to participate with your Java introduction you need to do the following:
  • We need access to your teaching materials in order to provide suitable levels
  • Before students can use the game a short survey form needs to be filled online
  • User ids need to be distributed to students
  • To find out to what extent the game was useful for students, students need to fill a survey after the term is over
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The game has the following features:
  • Support for Java 8 (even lambda expressions)
  • New levels and updates can be pushed to students' smartphones by using our server
  • Anonymous information about the students' learning progress
  • Uses Android platform, which is installed on more than 80% of smartphones
  • In-app announcements and news

System overview

system overview


Since the Java Tower Defense game is a research project, we need to collect some usage data in order to find out to what extent the game can support the Java learning process. The following information are collected and stored in the app and our server (hosted at our university):

  • User id
  • Nickname (if provided)
  • Course name
  • Device name and Android version
  • For each level:
    • Level id
    • Timestamp when level was started
    • Timestamp when level was completed
    • Tries to solve the level
    • Rating
    • Comments
These information are only transferred when you are connecting to a WIFI network.